Drinking Your Water

I have a tip for drinking 8 glasses of water a day which I wanted to share with you! For a long time I promised myself I would drink this much water but it always becomes so difficult when the day gets busy. Here is what I do… promise not to laugh!

As soon as I wake up a drink two big cups of lukewarm water. About an hour later I need to go to the bathroom. As soon as I leave the bathroom (and here is the trick) I go and drink another two big cups of water. One hour later, guess where I am going? ­čÖé

The trick is to always drink a lot of water right each time… and like clockwork you will easily drink 8 glasses or maybe even more if you are lucky!

Another good trick is to get a water bottle that you carry with you everywhere. I have a 600 ml version of this copper bottle and take that with me in my purse. It is pure copper, a nice size and beautiful, which makes me want to carry it with me everywhere!

Good luck and drink lots of water!

Gros bisous (lots of kisses),


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