Sound Baths? Tell me More!

Have you heard about sound baths? This is really very interesting and very unique! The process of sound bathing involves laying on a yoga mat while gongs, singing bowls, etc are played by a “sound healer”. These are very popular in Los Angeles these days!

I tried my first sound bath a few days ago. It was very relaxing, and it felt like my mind was transported on a journey. It was very easy to meditate and I felt so good afterwards. I slept like a baby that night too!

I was so interested to learn that sound baths have been used for a very long time! Sound, throughout music, or chanting, or singing bowls, has been used in other cultures for healing and wellness. I also heard that sound baths can help alleviate anxiety, sleep disorders, pain management, stress, and depression. Wow!

What do you think, will you try one as well? You can hear a demonstration of sound healing on this website!

Gros bisous (lots of kisses),


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