Staying Fit the French Way

I have seen this interesting article today about how the French stay slim. Well, as a French girl I thought I would tell you what I think about it!!

I am one of those tall, skinny girls, but you would never think so by the way I eat! I can be ravenous and my American friends make fun of me for that.

Some say it is because of my French background which gives me high metabolism, but I do not think it has anything to do with genetics. No, I think it has more to do with the lifestyle that I grew up with and which I brought with me from France.

First of all, European cities like Bordeaux, where I grew up, are very, very different from American cities. In Europe, most people live in the cities where it is very dense. The streets are narrow, and they are often clogged with people. Although many people have cars, they do not use them in the city. So we walk to work, and to the store, and home again. Walking may not seem like much at the time, but it burns calories and keeps our bodies toned, and all of those kilometres add up.

Second of all, the French tend to eat more natural, unprocessed foods. So, our calorie and fat intake is lower to begin with! We also slow down and eat for pleasure, which means that our bellies fill up more slowly and we know better when to stop.

Yes, it is true that we French enjoy lots of good cheese, wine, and baguettes – but those foods are natural and unprocessed, we are savouring them when we eat them and so eating less, and meanwhile we are walking everywhere and burning calories that way. Sounds pretty easy, hum? 🙂

Gros bisous (lots of kisses),



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